RE: Wood Sectioning

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

	Haven't the foggiest, Bill, and I hope you don't mind my letting the
list in on your question, because it raises an issue of some importance to
all of us.  I've never cut any, except with a saw.  Reason?  firewood.
Well, I did help with some roots, branches and bark once long ago.  For
parasites and structure, lo.
	Your hidden point, however, is very well taken.  If we ask questions
on our list without giving our reasons, then folks who look in from time to
time can't find a reason for some of the threads of conversation that go on.
I also was curious why anyone would waste good cherry on sections too, but
then, I realized, that one probably wouldn't.  So, the cherry for sectioning
must have been pathologic, except for the controls.
	I just know better than to try to section a pyramid (trapezoid) with
a height to base ratio greater than 0.7-1.0, or something like that.  I'm a
zoologist, or a chordate anatomist, or something like that, not a botanist.

Nebraska, eh?  Fear and trembling welling up inside.  Old memories rising!

An anxiety trip thru the heart of the mid-west.

	Nebraska!  Help!

	When last I flew o'er wide Nebraska,
	And saw those rounds of green sorbet,
	I neglected, then, my friend, to ask ya,
	Was that a geometer's whey to fillet?

	I saw those circles everywhere
	From way high up, and from the ground,
	And great big spaces in between,
	For walking round and round?

	For, once anon, I'd wandered West
	Among Nebraska's great green platters,
	Speed up!  Hurry!  Pass the rest!
	Nebraska's rounds left me in tatters.

	I knew when I was out of there,
	All the anxious feelings 'bated.
	No moire gyres did I encounter,	
	My need for squareness, finally sated. 

FCM '02 


Fred Monson

Frederick C. Monson, PhD
The best research
Center for Advanced Scientific Imaging
occurs before work
West Chester University
at the bench.
West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, 19383

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> From: 	William Thoendel
> Sent: 	Wednesday, February 27, 2002 12:44 AM
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> Subject: 	Wood Sectioning
> Hello from the Flatlands of Nebraska,,,
> What is the reason for sectioning of wood?
> For pathologic organisms??
> Help,
> Bill Thoendel
> Hoskins, Nebraska

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