Ki-67 mm1-clone

From:"Bruyntjes, J.P. "

Hi everybody

Some time ago I used this antibody with great plessure on rat tissues. As
antigen-retrievel I used citrate-buffer (pH 6.0) for 15 minutes, beautifull
staining and hardly any background. But on one day it did not work anymore. 
Trying and trying but no succes. At last I used a adjustable pressure cooker
at a temp of about 121 degrees for 3 minutes. It took some time more but I
had my staining back. 
Is anyone familiar with this strange story?
And is it possible to use a normal pressure coocker, in stead of a
adjustable pressure cooker?

Best regards

Joost Bruijntjes
TNO Nutrition and Food Research
Phone + 31 30 6944483

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