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From:Carrie Kyle <> we go.  a 1N solution equals 1 gram-equivalent weight of compound in a liter of water.  the gram-equivalent weight is determined by dividing the molecular weight by the number of hydrogen ions (or -OH groups) per formula.  so, in the case of sodium hydroxide (NaOH....a single hydroxyl group) the gram-equivalent weight is 40g (ok....i'm rounding a bit for simplicity).  so a 1N solution would be 40g/L.....therefore, a 2N solution would be 80g/L and a 5N solution would be 200g/L.

carrie kyle-byrne

>>> Laurie Colbert <> 02/28/01 11:13AM >>>
Help!  Can someone tell me exactly how to make a 2N and a 5N solution of
sodium hydroxide?

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