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Hi Patsy
We routinely do CMV by IHC and if the pathologist doesn't trust the negative
result of IHC, we occasionally do ISH using Novocastra's FITC-labeled probe
directed against an early RNA transcript (NCL-CMV). Detection is by
rb-a-FITC/AP (NCL-ISH-D) and NBT/BCIP. Works reasonably well. When we
introduced ISH for CMV about 3 years ago, I checked the literature which -
at that time - considered IHC and non-radioactive ISH to be about equally
sensitive for CMV. So far we didn't reveal any of the IHC-neg cases to be

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland

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> If you are doing CMV by ISH what is the preferred probe kit, which
> ENZO?  I am just curious about how many do CMV by ISH or IHC?
> Patsy Ruegg

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