Vacuum sealing for tissue storage

From:"Ford, Judi {Path~Palo Alto}" <JUDI.FORD@ROCHE.COM>

Hi to all,

First, I want to thank those who replied to my lipid staining question.  I
still haven't found the answer I was searching for but I now have a few new
resources to examine.  Thank-you....

I have a new question.  Does anyone use vacuum to seal residual tissues in
plastic/mylar bags?  If so, have you ever had any trouble with tissues later
on. Have you ever had leakage problems?  How do you prepare the fixed tissue
for vacuum sealing (tissue in formalin, formalin soaked gauze around the
tissue, etc.)?  Have you ever gone back years later to work on these

Thanks in advance for any info sent my way.

Judi Ford
Palo Alto, CA

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