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At 11:18 AM -0500 28/2/01, Luis Chiriboga wrote:
>Hi everyone
>I think this may have come up before but since I am not sure I thought I
>would post it again.
>Is there any method to remove prior substrate (DAB) signal from a
>slide?  How successful is everyone in re-staining (IHC) previously
>biologically stained slides?
>Thanks in advance

I don't think (but don't really know) you can remove the DAB signal. 
I have restained sections previously stained with hydrogen 
peroxidase/DAB IHC for a different antigen BUT have used a completely 
different system ie Alkaline Phosphatase/substrate which gives a red 
colour and can be seen separately, Essentially you are double 
labelling the sections.

There are many different systems around commercially all with pro's 
and con's. Many are alcohol soluble and you can't coverslip with a 
permanent mountant like DPX.

Cheers, Cathy
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