RE: Bouin's and Van Gieson's Commercially

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There are several companies you can get these from.   American Master Tech
and Newcomer's Supply to name a couple.    Sigma also carries a Bouin's

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> Subject:	Bouin's and Van Gieson's Commercially
> Hi folks,  
> We are trying to get rid of our Picric Acid, but we need to find
> commercially available Bouin's (for Gomori's Trichrome) and Van Gieson's
> (for Verhoeff/Van Gieson).  We do not use Bouin's as a fixative, just in
> these two stains...and the VVG not that often.  Anyone know of any vendors
> for these solutions?  Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Amy Woodfin
> Pathology Supervisor
> St. Joseph Hospital
> Bellingham, Wa

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