Re: EDTA microwave pretreatment

From:"Steven E. Slap" <>

Hi HistoNetters!

Tibor Ric wrote about microwave pretreatment without pressure.  Recently,
it has become apparent that some antigens require microwave superheating at
120, which can only be done under pressure.  However, household "microwave
pressure cookers" (Nordicware and so on) do not allow for the monitoring of
time at temperature during the microwave process, and do not produce
consistent, reproducible results.

The Glass Pressure Reactor (GPR) from Milestone, which I represent through
Hacker Instruments, allows accurate, high temperature microwave HIER under
pressure, usually in less than 5 minutes. (Usual disclaimers apply <grin>).

Best regards,
Steven Slap

Steven E. Slap
Marketing Manager & Microwave Product Specialist
Hacker Industries & Instruments

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