Re: glass slide holders

From:Stephanie Moore <>

Hi Linda,

My guess is that the slides flop around in the wheaton glass racks
because each
slot is made to hold 2 slides back-to-back.  That is my experience with
coplin jars and some other glass slide holders I have.  Is this going to
be a problem?

Try it out...

Stephanie Moore
Lab Tech/Mgr
Brandeis University

Linda Simmons-Arnold wrote:
> Hi histonetters,
>         Need some help with this, and I know someone out there has the answer. I'm
> looking for glass or metal slide holders that hold ten slides and would fit
> into wheaton staining dishes that are 2.5 deep,3.25 wide and 4 inches long.
>  The DAKO silanized slides flop around in the regular wheaton glass racks
> even though the manufacturer claims these size slides will fit, well they
> don't.  Has anyone the answer??

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