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Jim and Bret,
I would make the same recommendation to try Promega's Anti-ACTIVE Caspase-3
Ab.  It specifically recognizes a neo-epitope only present in the active
cleaved form. The antigen apparently is not present in the inactive zymogen.

There also are other antibodies against active caspase-3; but I do not think
they ae commercially available. One was developed (I think by by Kevin
Tomaselli's group) at IDUN Pharmaceuticals. It also recognizes a neo-epitope
on the active form of the enzyme. The third antibody I am aware of was
developed (I think by Don Nicholson's group) at Merck Frosst (perhaps Brett
is familiar with this one).  It was developed using crystal grade active
caspase-3. Apparenlty they had a few mg left over from their X-ray
diffraction studies. These have been reported to work in the literature.

Promega's antibody has been commercially available for ~1 year so there
probably are few published references; but you may be able to find some
information from their web site or perhaps their technical
services dudes which ususlly are excellent and very responsive.

Ty Lee
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Caspase 3, like the other caspases exists in cells as a inactive proenzyme.
Cleavage (activation) of caspase 3 is the indicator for apoptosis. If
apoptosis is what you are looking at, then check out Promegas new
anti-active Caspase 3 antibody directed against the p18 cleavage fragemtn
(active form) of Caspase.


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> What antibodies and retrievals are there being used for Caspase 3.
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