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Hi Dizy4,

From personal experience I can tell you that the worst thing that can happen
is that the power failure occurs whilst the processor bucket is between
stations, ie just hanging out! In our case, it was between 100% Alc and
Xylene.  When the tissues were discovered, they were, well, - dry.
(Fortunately, with a little effort, all the tissues were adequately
recovered.) We now have UPS installed.

Have a nice day

Tim Webster
Northwestern Medical Center
Fairfield Street, VT
(802) 524-1070

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Subject: Power failure

if you experience a power failure in the lab with no emergency power back-up

what is the worst that would happen to tissues depending on station that the

power failure occurred and how would one remedy this, (stations of alcohol, 
histoclear, paraffin). person arrives in lab around 6-630 am tissues start
7pm.  also this lab uses isopropyl alcohol and the 100 % cleaning station 
builds up with paraffin is this caused by the isopropyl and histoclear? 
thanks for any help you can give me.  

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