Kentucky Society for Histotechnology


Kentucky Society for Histotechnology
Twenty-fifth Annual Symposium
March 16 & 17, 2001
Holiday Hurstbourne Inn
1325 S. Hurstbourne Parkway @ I-64
Louisville, Kentucky

25th Annual Symposium
The Kentucky Society for Histotechnology
Friday March 16, 2001
Workshop I
8:00-10:00  a)  The ABC'S of Histology
10:30-12:00 b)  Bones of Contention..What Estrogen Really  Does
Workshop II
8:00-10:00  a)  Formalin Safety in the Workplace
10:30-12:00 b)  Histopathology Update 2001
(BREAK  with Vendors 10:00-10:30 )                                            
12:00-1:00  LUNCH     On-Your-Own

Workshop III
1:00-5:00   Application of Basic Immunohistochemistry
Workshop IV
1:00-5:00   Microwave Techniques for Improving
         Productivity in the Histology Laboratory

2:30-3:30   BREAK   Vendor Vignettes

Saturday March 17, 2001
Scientific Sessions
8:00-10:00      Leadership 2001
10:00-10:30 BREAK
10:30-12:00 Histo How To's
12:00-2:00  Luncheon
        Historical Walk *.Histolologically Speaking                           
        The History of the KSH-The First 25 Years
2:00-3:00   Histology Charge Coding and Billing
        Update 2001
3:00-4:00   Interactive Discussion on Immunohistochemistry-
        Troubleshooting Techniques
4:00-4:30   Presentation of KSH Awards


I a     The ABC's of Histotechnology
M. Lamar Jones, BS, HT (ASCP) 
Histological Consultants, Inc. Alabaster, Alabama
Learning Objectives: The practice of histotechnology and understanding of the 
theory behind it. Basic fixation, processing, microtomy and routine staining. 

II a     Formalin Safety in the Healthcare Workplace
Ted Bryan, BS 
SAKURA FINETEK, Torrance, California
Learning Objectives: 1) Formalin applications 2) OSHA Laws of Exposure 3) 
Monitoring 4) Engineering Controls and Work Practices 5) EPA Classification=20
of Waste 6) Disposal Options 7) Safety Solutions.

I b     Bones of Contention...
What Estrogen Really Does to the Skeleton
Scott C. Miller, PhD. Director, Research Professor Radiobiology, Center for 
Advanced Medical Technologies, 
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Learning Objectives: A histological overview of the effects of estrogens and 
androgens on the skeleton will be presented.  The role and functions of 
estrogens and androgens in bone mineralization throughout growth and 
development. Bone loss and the use of hormone replacement therapies.  
Lifestyles, nutrition, exercise, and new developing therapies .

II b     Histopathology Update 2001
William L. Betsill, Jr., MD, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky
Learning Objectives: Histopathology has evolved over the last two decades to 
include diagnostic tools here before unknown. These include such data as 
routine chromosomal analysis, flow cytometry, polymerase chain reaction and 
of sensitive and specific detection of disease indicators. This presentation 
will highlight many novel diagnostic tools now used in the daily routine of 
many pathologists and diagnosticians.

III     Application of Basic Immunohistochemistry 
Plus New Technological Breakthroughs in the Clinical Lab 
Joanne Parks, HT (ASCP) 
DAKO Corp. Naples, Florida
Learning Objectives: Focus on the basics of Immunohistochemistry to include 
discussion on the impact of fixation on tissue staining, the selection of 
monoclonal versus polyclonal antibodies in routine work, and troubleshooting 
hints on retrieval, pretreatment and background staining. Participants will 
also learn how to incorporate a new antibody or a new procedure into their 
laboratory routine.

IV     Microwave Techniques for Improving Productivity in the Histology 
Steven Slap, B.A.,M.A.,M.Phil. 
Hacker Industries & Instruments
Learning Objectives: 1) Understand the risks involved with dealing with 
hazardous chemicals in a microwave device 2) Understand the basic principles 
of microwave operation and how they apply to the handling of specimens 3) 
Understand how the microwave devices generate heat and how this impacts the 
choice of fixative 4) Evaluate the different microwave fixation methods 
described in the technical literature.

Leadership 2001
William B. Newkirk, LCSW, MSWW
Louisville, Kentucky
In the rapidly changing state of healthcare, the challenges of downsizing,=20
shrinking resources and worker anxiety make it an almost impossible task to 
enhance or even maintain productivity. The most essential factor needed is a 
person or persons with the ability to forge ahead and direct the change, 
managing themselves as well as the environment and people within, towards the 
goal of quality care. Participants will learn how to develop personal and 
organizational assessments to determine areas of need and how to address the 

Histo How To's
Susan Hayes, Norton Hospital, Louisville, KY
Jaime Cardenas, LabCorp, Louisville, KY
Renee' Matherly, U of L, Louisville, KY
Janice Young, U of L Hospital, Louisville, KY

Historical walk.....Histologically speaking.....
The History of the KSH-The First 25 Years
Sheron Lear, HT(ASCP)HTL, QIHC 
Special Procedure Laboratory, 
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Histology Charge Coding and Billing 
Update for 2001
Dennis L. Padget, CPA, FHFMA, MBA 
Padget & Associates, Simpsonville, Kentucky
Learning Objectives: 1) Describe how Medicare pays for histology procedures=20
for hospital inpatients, outpatients, and non-hospital patients and how 
claims must be filed to achieve accurate payment depending on specimen 
source. 2) Explain when different tissues for a case may be separately coded 
versus when they must be aggregated under a single CPT code. 3) Describe the 
nuances for selecting the correct CPT code level for individual tissues under 
various case circumstances. 4) List the CPT codes that cannot be billed with 
a technical fee.

Troubleshooting Techniques
an Interactive Discussion
Pattie Cross, UK, Lexington, KY, 
Jackie Lawson, CPA, Lexington, KY, 
Sheron Lear, Uof L, Louisville, KY, 
Ela Patel, UK, Lexington, KY
This open forum will give histotechs an 
opportunity to troubleshoot some of their 
persistent problems.



This program is designed to provide continuing education to histologists and 
pathologists from hospitals and research laboratories. The objectives are to 
improve standards in histopathology laboratories with up-to-date methods and 
scientific advances in the field of histotechnology. Outstanding faculty has 
been selected. Ample time will be allotted for participants to view the 
latest equipment and to talk with representatives from the various companies.

Holiday Inn Hurstbourne, Louisville, Kentucky
A block of rooms is reserved for the Kentucky Society for Histotechnology at 
the Holiday Inn Hurstbourne, 1325 Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, Kentucky. 
Make reservations by calling (502) 426-2600 or 800-616-1558. To get the rate 
of $81.00 for king/double occupancy, you must tell the receptionist that you 
are with the KSH. The block of rooms will be held until February 25, 2001.

Early Registration is requested
Workshop Fees
KSH Member          $25.00
Non-member/late registration    $35.00

Scientific Sessions
KSH member          $35.00
Non-member/late registration    $45.00
This fee includes the Saturday luncheon and all coffee breaks.

KSH will provide each attendee with a certificate at the end of each workshop 
for hours of contact.

Additional Information: 
Contact Renee Matherly, 4312 Conaem Dr. Louisville, KY 40213
(W) 502-852-5587 (F) 502-852-1767 

25th Annual Symposium
The Kentucky Society for Histotechnology
Advanced Registration
(Due March 9, 2001)

Name: _____________________________________________
Street ______________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________
Employer: __________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________
Fax: _______________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________
Workshop Friday, March 16, 2001
AM     I a    I b      II a      II b   (circle two)
PM        III                IV                  (circle one)
KSH member $25.00 each workshop X_______=_________
Non-member $35.00 each workshop X______=__________
Saturday March 17, 2001
Scientific Sessions   _________________________
(luncheon included)
KSH member $35.00 each workshop
Non-member $45.00 each workshop
Total Registration Due________________________

Make checks payable to:
Kentucky Society for Histotechnology
Send registration form and checks to:
    Jean Lambert
    1545 McKay Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40213

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