The Gospel According to the Tech

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From:Luis Chiriboga <>
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The Gospel According to the Tech

A Pathologist…….
Leaps Tall buildings in a single bound,
is more powerful than a locomotive, 
is faster than a speeding bullet, 
walks on water,
gives policy to God.

An Internist…….
Leaps short buildings in a single bound,
is more powerful than a switch engine,
is just as fast as a speeding bullet,
walks on water if sea is calm,
talks with God.

A Surgeon …….
Leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable wind,
is almost as powerful as a switch engine,
walks on water in an indoor swimming pool,
talks with God if special permission is approved

A General Practitioner……..
Barely clears a Quonset hut, 
loses tug of war with locomotive,
can fire speeding bullet, 
swims well,
is occasionally addressed by God.

A Gynecologist…….
Makes high marks on the wall when trying to leap tall buildigs,
is run over by locomotive,
can sometimes handle a gun without in inflicting self injury,
is all wet,
talks with animals.

A Psychiatrist…….
Runs into buildings,
recognizes locomotives two out of three times,
is not issued live ammunition,
can stay afloat with a life jacket,
talks to walls.

A Medical Student……..
Falls over doorstep when trying to enter buildings,
says "look at the choo-choo"
wets self with water pistol,
plays in mud puddles,
mumbles to self.

A Histologist…….
Lifts buildings and walks under them,
kicks locomotives off the tracks,
catches speeding bullets with teeth and then eats them,
freezes water with a single glance,
is God.

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