Steiner and Steiner Problem/Fungus Problem solved.

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From:"Scott, Allison D" <>

We are having a problem with the steiner and steiner.  After the slides are
put into the developer, the patient slides turn but the control slide does
not.  We originally thought that the hydroquinone was not any good, so we
got some new chemical.  The same thing happened again.We follow the
procedure to the letter. IThe dry chemicals are not old.  Not that  it makes
any difference.  We also have considered that the control slides may not be
any good also.  On Monday we will repeat the stain using another control.
By the way the controls are store bought. For those of you that responded to
my problem of fungus growing among us, the problem is with the cytology
area.  Were not sure where  in the cytology area but it is not with anything
that histology did.  If anyone has a solution to my steiner problem please
Allison Scott  

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