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From:Mary Latimer <>
To:Tina Cardamone <>
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Dear Tina  I think that you are dead in the water .. this method as I have
done it in the past needs you to perfuse the animal with a solution
whose contents escape me......the memory is of a sulphide type solution
which smells, the Brain is then removed  it is stained already by the
perfusion solution so only requires cryostat cutting and mounting I seem
to remember that it stains Zinc  but this may be rubbish...however i do
not remember it being particularly difficult  I have proper recipes if you
want to email me direct  hope this helps Mary

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, Tina Cardamone wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> Is anybody familiar with Timm's method for hippocampal mossy
> fibre sprouting. I need a protocol and all the little bits of advice and 
> tricks that help this method work.
> I have formalin fixed paraffin embeded tissue and I am concerned that fresh 
> tissue is required for this stain!!!!
> Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
> I thank you in advance.
> Tina Cardamone
> Pathology Department
> University of Melbourne
> Australia

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