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From:Tim Morken <>
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We use the TBS labeller and it works very well. They now have pre-loaded 
hoppers of cassettes that you just plop on and go (It used to be that you 
had to manually load each cassette individually into the hopper). I think it 
works really well. It's great to have well-marked cassettes.

They have the software to connect to an AP system and give instructions for 
many different scenarios. What it comes down to, however, is that you need 
to have the AP system programmers set up the interface. At least they have 
built in the ability to import info and give you the software information 
you need to do that. I wish the autostainer folks would allow that!

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From: Victor Tobias <>
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Subject: Question on Automated Cassette Labelers
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 13:01:00 -0800

We are interested in purchasing a cassette labeler. I would like to hear
from all users as to what you like about your particular unit and
dislike. Is it integrated with an AP software system? I would be happy
to summarize my findings for the Histonet. Thanks to all.

Victor Tobias
Histology Supervisor
University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, WA

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