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From:Sharon Osborn <>
To:perl <>
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Dr Perl,  if I understand correctly, the Lab Vision stainer is known as the
DAKO in the USA.  I recommend it highly.  It is an open system, easy to
operate, and cost effective.  It is programmed for their detection systems
and their antibodies.  However, the antibodies can be any companies or your
own.  You can also program it to use other detection systems.  If you are
doing any experimental or research work, it is excellent.  Also, for
routine work, the cost comparisons are quite competitive with anything else
on the market.  If possible, I recommend you bring in each one for a 2-3
week demonstration in your own facility with your own people before making
the decision.  That allows you to truly see which one is the best for your
set up, skill levels and cost analysis....sharon osborn

perl wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
> We are in the process of purchasing an Automated
> immunohistochemical stainer.
> If anyone has experience in this field, please let me know which
> system would you recommend.
> Here we can by machines made by: Ventana, Lab Vision, Lleica.
> Samuel
> Dr Samuel Perl
> Head, Dept. of Pathology
> Kimron Veterinary Institute
> P.O.Box 12, 50250 Bet Dagan
> E-mail:  Fax: (972)39681730  Phone: (972) 39681635

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