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From:Donald Hill <>
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I think you should look at the NEXes, although DAKO does 48 slides, it can
take 2 to three times as long to run those slides, I've seen head to head
comparisons between the TAT and I would have to ask, why would you want to
wait twice as long to get your slides? Also with the set up times involved,
Ventana's system is so much faster and easier to set up.

I've seen people on here talking about the detection being closed and
possibly costing more, Ventana is the only company that can gaurantee slide
cost using thier reagents due to the 100ul per slide gaurantee and by using
thier optimized reagents, high quality, consistant slides is what you get
day in and day out. If cost is the most important factor in considering
autostaining systems, Ventana by far is one of the most cost effective
systems on the market. Give them a call and I am sure they will prove it to
you as they did to me.

That's why I am working for them now!

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From: Sharon Osborn <>
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Date: Sunday, February 20, 2000 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: Autostainer for IHC

>Dr. Perl,  The DAKO will do 48 slides, the Leica (if same as the USA model)
>does 24 slides (I think).  It could be suitable for small volumes.  Here,
>Zymed markets it with their detection system.  sharon osborn
>perl wrote:
>> Dear Histonetters,
>> We are in the process of purchasing an Automated
>> immunohistochemical stainer.
>> If anyone has experience in this field, please let me know which
>> system would you recommend.
>> Here we can by machines made by: Ventana, Lab Vision, Lleica.
>> Samuel
>> Dr Samuel Perl
>> Head, Dept. of Pathology
>> Kimron Veterinary Institute
>> P.O.Box 12, 50250 Bet Dagan
>> E-mail:  Fax: (972)39681730  Phone: (972) 39681635

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