Rat teste processing

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     We have a question on the processing of rat testes fixed in Bouin's.
     If anyone else out there is performing this type of procedure please 
     let us know how you handle the following:
     1. How do you rinse the Bouin's (picric acid) out of the tissue?
     2. Do you use alcohol rinses and end in 70% alcohol?
     3. Do you perform these rinses manually or on a tissue processor?
     4. If a processor is used, which one?
     We are currently manually rinsing the testes in alcohol down to 70% 
     where they remain until they are processed to block.  The idea of 
     using a tissue processor to perform this task seems good but Sakura 
     has informed us that they do not recommend doing this because the 
     picric acid will damage the VIP processor.
     Any suggestions, ideas let us know.
     Richard Rodriguez
     Schering-Plough Research Institute
     Lafayette NJ

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