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Hi Gayle:  Thanks for the good info.  I will try them out soon.

Gayle Callis wrote:
> Some time ago, we had long discussions about Pap pens, pros and cons.
> There is a new one out, it can be seen on the slide, without red and blue
> dye in the pen (which leached out in solvents during dehydration).  It is
> called the Super Pap Pen, and believe me, it lives up to its name.
> Can use it on acetone fixed frozen sections, mounted on plus charge slides,
> with the marking put on before going to buffers.  It is visible as a
> greyish line, and stays on throughout the whole staining procedure.  Take
> care though, it really dispenses with a bit more speed.  The cat # is K-680
> tissue capture pen
> Kiyota International, order 800-718-6770 and hopefully our other vendors,
> like Newcomer Supply and whoever else sells pap pens will be supplying
> these.
> I have been very happy with my application, and not a saleperson, just a
> satisfied customer who would like to pass on some good info about a nice
> product.
> Gayle Callis
> Gayle Callis
> Veterinary Molecular Biology
> Montana State University
> Bozeman MT 59717-3610
> 406 994-4705
> 406 994-4303

Thomas J. Kuwahara
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