RE: Dye for marking tissue at trim

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Shandon also sells Tissue marking Dyes.

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Subject:  RE: Dye for marking tissue at trim

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Davidson Marking System offers different color marking inks (orange,
red, green, blue and black).  We use them prior to processing.  I believe
TBS also has marking inks.

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> Subject:  Dye for marking tissue at trim
> > I would like to know if anyone uses a dye or ink to mark certain
> structures
> at trimming that will stay in place and be visible after processing (at
> cutting).  I am trimming primate eyes and would like to mark the macula
> (and
> fovea) or the outside of the eye where the macula is so that it would be
> easier to obtain at cutting.  I think I need a color other than black.
> Can
> anyone suggest anything?  Does anyone know of a dye or ink that can be
> applied after processing just prior to embedding?  Thanks in advance for
> your help.
> > Meg
> >

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