Osmium for Fat/VVG/TRI

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From:Sarah Christo <schristo@cvm.tamu.edu>
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Dear Netters,
   Had a researcher come in yesterday wanting to do an elastic stain (VVG), collagen stain (Trichrome) and a fat stain (Osmium Tetroxide for fat, AFIP manual, page 143) on the digital cushion of the horse hoof.  My question is can the VVG and the Trichrome be done on the same tissue as the osmium treated tissue or will he have to submit separate tissues, ie. one for the osmium pre treatment and another for the connective tissue stains?  They would prefer the same tissue since they are trying to do a 3D computer model.   I was wondering, could the osmium be removed with hydrogen peroxide after sectioning and then proceed with the connective tissue stains?
Thanks, Sarah

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