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From:Colin Henderson <ColinH@stj.stjosephs.london.on.ca>
To:MStalker@lsd.uoguelph.ca, histonet@pathology.swmed.edu
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RE: DSC1 Microtome

Inexpensive for an automated machine

Harder than "normal" microtome to get used to

Preferred microtome for those who catch on

Great ergonomics

Lack of specimen orientation can be an issue when recutting a block which was originally cut on another machine, especially with small biopsies

We have two and will be getting more

Colin and Crew  in London, Ontario, Canada

>>> Marg Stalker <MStalker@lsd.uoguelph.ca> Monday, February 21, 2000 >>>
Hi all
I know this question has been posted before, and I've read the archives, but does anyone have any new comments (praise or problems) regarding the Leica DSC1 microtome?

Marg Stalker

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