oestrogen receptor staining

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From:Laurie Brett <lauriebrett@bigfoot.com>
To:histonet histonet@pathology.swmed.edu>
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Hello out there

I've recently introduced use of the 6F11 clone for ER and am getting nice
results (cleaner, and we think more sensitive than 1D5) but we've started
noticing some stromal cell nuclei staining up; cytoplasm is mostly very
clean. I've heard that this has previously been seen in animal tissues, but
have any of you seen it in human cases?

I'm unsure whether this is:-

a) genuine finding due to the increased sensitivity of 6F11 with
pressure-cook in microwave.
b) a non specific reaction due to 6F11.
c) a non-specific reaction due to over-antigen retrieval.
d) something else!

If you can shed any light on this I'd be interested.
We use pressure-cooker-in-microwave, and citrate buffer pH6.0.
Primary ab' Incubation is 30mins at room temp (around 20C).
StreptABC-HRP detection system, DAB chromogen.

Looking forward to your replies

Lawrence Brett. 

Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland. UK.

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