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From:denise M m Long-Woodward <>

Hi folks, two questions if I may:

First, for a co-worker:  They have noticed faint, patchy staining on some
of their H&E's.  They get stuff from all over the world. In a slide rack,
most slides are okay, but some have this very faint, almost faded
appearance on only some of the slides. Seems independent of the position
in the rack.  They have tried deparaffinizing for over an hour in fresh
xylene in case it was imcomplete deparaffinization. They have even tried
complete hydration before the Mayers Hematoxylin step (ten minutes
Mayers).   Both the eosin and Hematoxylin have the faded appearance.  Any

Second, I'm doing, with success, IL1alpha on transgenic mouse skins.  One
researcher has EDTA decalcified mouse jaws with attached teeth and
gingiva. She expects the gingiva to label but it is not. While we are
trying different options to correct the problem;  does anyone have any
experience with IL1alpha on EDTA exposed tissues?  Tissues are formalin
fixed, paraffin embedded (controls and jaws). Using R&D systems mouse
IL1alpha antibody (made in goat).

Many thanks for your expertise!
Denise Long Woodward
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