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From:Michael V Slayter <>
To:"Wilhelms, Margaret B" <>
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    Call the AFIP in Wash, DC at (202) 782-2600.  Ask the receptionist for the
number to the ophthalmic pathology dept.  Pose your question to one of their
techs.  I have been gone for a number of years and don't know anyone there to
refer you to, but they are generally helpful..... busy, but willing to listen!

Dr Michael Slayter
Lab Director
Kissimmee Animal Diagnostic Lab
Kissimmee, FL

Wilhelms, Margaret B wrote:

> I have two questions:
> 1. Does anyone do histology on primate eyes or human eyes - from trimming to
> slides? I have to obtain the macula in my sections and want to know if
> anyone does this and if they do, do they have a trimming procedure and
> diagrams that could help me.  Thanks.
> 2. Does anyone decal dog jaw bones?  we may have to and have to be careful
> to keep the gingiva intact.  Any advice? thanks.
> Meg

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