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Tony,  We are having the same problems (part of the time) with our Hacker
coverslipprer.  We think we have it fixed and then it pops up its ugly head
again.  Most of the time I would like to throw it away and go back to hand
coverslipping.  If you get any good solutions let us know.
Karla Carson HT/HTL (ASCP)
Regional Pathology Supervisor
Mercy Health Care Sacramento
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		Sent:	Monday, February 07, 2000 4:17 PM
		Subject:	Re: Air Bubbles

		Dear Jazz,

		> I would like to describe a problem that we have been
experiencing in our lab. 
		>  The problem that we are experiencing is with our Leica
		> (auto-coverslipper):
		> *  No bubbles are seen in slides after coverslip.
		> *  After a day or two, a huge air bubble (gap) is formed,
surrounding the 
		> tissue specimen.
		> *  We have increased the volume of the mounting media, but
this causes an 
		> overflow of media on top of the cover glass.
		> Question:  What is your current use of mounting media, and
your use of 
		> clearing agent for your staining?
		Could it be that the mountant media contains too much

		Regards, Tony 
		Tony Henwood
		Senior Scientist
		Anatomical Pathology
		Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

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