CD34 followup

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From:"Connolly, Brett" <> (by way of histonet)
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Thanks for all of your responses to my CD34 question. As it turns out I
really need anti-mouse CD34 for paraffin sections.

Here is a sampling of the responses for human CD34.

Yes, Brett; we use Immunotech's CD34 at 1:200 with a 20" HIER pretreatment.

Hello Brett,
I use Becton-Dickinson's CD34  cat.# 347660 on formalin fixed paraffin
embeded tissue at a 1:60 dilution on the Dako autostainer.  I pretreat
with citra buffer for 15 minutes. Nice results.  Good Luck.

Zymed carries cd34,very good, so does signet .

Hello Brett,
InnoGenex carries an anti-human CD34 antibody that is validated on
formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissue(Clone:QBEnd/10, Catalog No.
The data sheet can be accessed online:

Hi Brett,
We use Becton-Dickenson's (#347660) clone HPCA-1 on our NexES.  We run it at
a 1
:5 dilution for 24 min. and no pretreatment.  Works fine.

Try NCL-END from Nova Castra.

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