Re: disposal of formalin

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This is the type of footwork is what everyone should be doing when disposing of
formalin or any chemical for that matter.   The recommendations may be
in accordance to your city utility.

Good job.

Rande Kline
Technical Services
EM Science

Mequita Praet <> on 12/20/99 07:29:11 PM

To:   Linda Banks <>
cc: (bcc: Rande Kline/EMI/Merck)
Subject:  Re: disposal of formalin

Hi Linda,
   I have just finished researching this subject.  There are many products on
the market for neutralizing formalin, which is what we plan to do. You must
discuss this with your city utilities. they will want to check the MSDS sheets
of the products. In the end they may tell you the products need to have a
different ph.  In that case, talk to the technical representative for the
product you are interesed in and he can give you a protocol for ph the end
product. Then you will just need to document quantities, ph and dates disposed.
I really didn't like the idea of distilling or storing for pickup and hauling.
Mequita Praet

Linda Banks wrote:

> I am reviewing our procedures for the disposal of formalin, xylol and
> alcohols.  Can others tell me how they are dealing with these chemicals and
> perhaps give me some references.  Thanks!

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