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From:pam pyle <> (by way of histonet)
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If you want to try a CHEAPER and FASTER silver stain for the plaques and
tangles in Alzheimers, do I have a stain for you!!!

I found the procedure in the Journal of Histotechnology several years
ago, tried it, the docs loved it and we never looked back!  It uses and
was(I think) labeled with the word(s) Methenamine Silver & Plaques &
Tangles.  I apologize for no article specifics, but I know there are
listeners out there who will be able to find it quickly.  I have just
recently retired and moved to a new city.  Unfortunately that
information didn't come with me!  I will give you a run down on the
procedure from memory.  I urge you to give the procedure a try-it is
truly cheaper and faster!!

Methenamine Silver for Plaques and Tangles
Use the same methenamine silver that is used for the GMS.
Place 60mls(or more if you have too much boiling away) silver solution
into a plastic coplin jar with a lid into a dish of distilled water.
Place all of this into a microwave (ours was/is 1000W).
If the solution is refrigerator temperature, microwave at full power for
1minute.  Swirl the coplin jar to distribute the heat. Wear gloves
Microwave for another 30-45 seconds, swirl again.
Check microscopically for darkness of plaque staining.  I find it
difficult to identify tangles at this step, but plaques in the control
are easy to find.  Continue microwaving in  30 second(or more or less,
depending on your microwave) increments until the plaques are black.
Rinse slides in distilled water.
Place in sodium thiosulfate (2% to 5%) for 5 minutes.
Rinse again.
Dehydrate, coverslip. Voila!!

Good luck!!

Pam Pyle
formerly of University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Dept of
Pathology, Section of Neuropathology/Hybridization Lab

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