Re: Cyclin D1 and CD5 immunohistochemistry

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From:Phyllis Davie <> (by way of histonet)
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  We have had very good luck with CD5.  I hope we are both talking about
human tissue, by the by.  CD5  clone 4C7,  from Novocastra (Australian
contact info:  PO Box 193, Rockdale, NSW 2216, Tel: 61-02-9597-3688  Fax:
61-02-9597-2232, e-mail:
We pretreat in citrate buffer in a microwave pressure cooker for 10
minutes at pressure, and run it at 1:25 using an ABC detection system and
DAB chromogen.

  Cyclin D1 has been trickier, and doesn't look as nice, but this is our
best so far:
cyclinD1, clone DR1BC2, Biocare Medical  (I don't have Australian info,
but USA info is Phone:  800-799-9499, 888-531-8287  Fax:  925-944-7888)
  We pretreat in a vegetable steamer for 40 minutes in (preheated) pH 10
Tris buffer.  We run it at 1:25 using an ABC detection system and DAB

Good Luck,

Phyllis Davie
PhenoPath Laboratories
Seattle, WA 98121

>Dear Histonetters,
>I am keen to hear of success stories for immunohistochemistry of cyclin D1
>and CD5 on formalin fixed sections.  Anyone willing to share protocols,
>choice of primary antibodies?  Thanks in anticipation.
>Melanie Trivett, PhD
>Department of Pathology
>Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute,
>East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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