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We have our cases divided into several types by source - IP biopsies, GI
biopsies, IP surgicals, OP surgicals (same day services), OP cases from
physician offices. The pathologists make a schedule putting one doctor on
gross - one on micros, one on clinical. The gross handles stats that may
come in, the micro person reads the IP surgical and same day service cases
and IP biopsies, the clinical reads the GIs and OP and also hearts that are
done the same day! Then they divide them up among themselves during the day
- especially if someone is overloaded. Sometimes there is total confusion,
but it usually works pretty well! J:>)
Joyce Weems
Pathology Manager
Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta

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	Hi folks,

	Looking for some insight from hospital based surgical pathology labs
on how
	your cases are distributed to your docs for microscopic evaluation.
We are
	in our 5th evolution of case distribution methods and the docs are
still not
	happy.  I would appreciate any information on: how many docs,
average # of
	cases, who does the distribution, is equanimity of cases a goal in
	distribution, and how you determine who gets what.  Any info will be
	appreciated :-)

	Amy Woodfin
	Pathology Supervisor
	St. Joseph Hospital
	Bellingham, WA  98225

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