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I just wanted to share with the group that I recently bought the  3rd
edition of our own John Kiernan's Histological and Histochemical Methods:
Theory and Practice, and I'm VERY pleased with it. The theoretical
explanations are in-depth yet are understandable by one whose chemistry
background is not superb. Because I teach, I want to understand what is
happening in stain reactions and be able to explain it to others, and this
book has already helped me understand some staining theory that I had not
previously been able to grasp fully.

If there's others of you out there who sometimes find it difficult to
envision what is going on inside the coplin jar, you might want to invest in
this text. Not only does the author explain what is normally used in stain
procedures, but often gives information about alternative reagents that have
advantages in some instances.

And, no, I was not solicited to give this "review" -- I just thought it
might be of interest and help to others. I have not read the book cover to
cover, so I can't speak for all of its chapters, but the ones that I have
read (because I need the information now) are helpful.

The book was referred to, I think by Russ Allison, a few days ago on the
Histonet. For those who missed the specifics, they are:  Kiernan, J.A.
Histological and histochemical methods: theory and practice, 3rd ed. 1999.
Butterworth-Heineman, Woburn, MA   ISBN 0 7506 3106 6

Glenda F. Hoye, B.S., HT(ASCP)
Histotechnology Program Director
Indiana University School of Allied Health Sciences
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5119

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