Myeloperoxidase Staining

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From:Katie Bennett <> (by way of histonet)
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Is there anyone out there is histoland who has used a myeloperoxidase
stain?  I'm using the method from the Armed Forces Institute of
Pathology handbook which calls for a peroxidase indicator reagent
solution and an acid hematoxylin solution.  My biggest question is how
the solutions should be stored.  Are they light sensitive?  Can they be
re-used?  Or do they need to be used as soon as they are made up?  Does
the Acid Hematoxylin need to be filtered before using (like other
hematoxylin solutions I've used before)?  Also, it's been my experience
that peroxide solutions are not stable and should be used fresh, so I
made up the peroxidase solution in advance, minus the H2O2, which was
added right before using.  Any advice/suggestions/experience would be

Thanks in advance!

Catherine "Katie" Bresee Bennett
218G Food Safety Toxicology Building
Department of Pathology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824

ph:  (517) 432-4940
fx:   (517) 353-9902

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