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From:Mick Rentsch <ausbio@nex.com.au> (by way of histonet)
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To whom it may concern,
(as I missed the original person mailing)
For supravital demonstration of RNA, use the retic. method with New
methylene Blue ex. Dacie & Lewis 3-5th eds. Practical Haematology, from
these you can also make permanent preparations.
For DNA in cytoplasm, mix one vol of blood with 10 vols of Acridine Orange
10mg in 100mls 0.9%NaCl, incubate at 25-37C for 10-20 mins. either charge a
Neubauer chamber or wet mount a coverslip.
RNA will fluoresce orange red, while DNA is Yellow.
The polychromasia seen in Romanowsky stained blood films is related to RNA
and elevated retic. counts.
Hopes this helps whoever.
Mike (Downunder)

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