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It would be dependent on the melting point of the paraffin being used.  I
have also found that it could be technique related.  Technicians I have
worked with used different temperatures on their water bath as long as it
was below the melting point.  The important part was always the end result
and what they felt comfortable working with.  Usually, 40-46 degree C.  I
guess some like it hotter than others.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science (Flores, Teresa) on 12/11/98 08:34:50 AM

Subject:  waterbath temp

Before I give this information to someone who asked, when paraffin
sectioning at 4 microns, does the temperature of the waterbath depend on
the type of paraffin being used to infiltrate? Or is it standard 36-40oC.
Many thanks. Teresa

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