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          I do not know if this will help but believe Carmoisine L is an azo
dye. Fast redV and several other azo dyes often have a number of synonyms and
it is dangerous to assume that fast red V and carmoisine are the same.
A reference to the use of the carmoisine L-orange G-wool green dye is in
"Differentiation and differential diagnosis of chromophobe adenomas: light
and electron microscopic studies".  by Saeger W, Breuer H and Ludecke D.
1976. In ...Beitrage zur Pathologie 157 (4) 367-390. This is in German but
may identify the source of the dye.
Barry wrote:

> Sarah,
> The chroma number is probably the manufacturer's product number.
> I tried to locate Fast Red V , Fast Red VR or Carmoisine L in Merck KGaA
> and BDH (Canada) catalogs and was not able to find it.  I did find
> Carmoisine A at BDH.
> I  noticed in Conn's, there were not to many manufacturers of this dye by
> 1971.  Maybe someone from the Biological Stain Commission or someone
> subscribing to this site may be able to help you locate the dye.
> Good luck.
> Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
> Technical Services
> EM Science
> Sarah Christo <schristo@CVM.TAMU.EDU> on 12/10/98 09:20:51 AM
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> Subject:  Carmoisine L and Fast Red V
> Dear Histonetters,
>    A researcher has requested the stain
> Carmoisine-Orange G-Wool Green by Brookes,
> 1968.  (I know it's old and out of date but I havn't
> been able to get out of this one)  One of the synonyms for carmoisine is
> Fast Red VR.
>  I have an old bottle of Fast Red V.
> (Chroma-Gesellschaft, circa 1970's).
> Does anyone know if this couldbe the same as
> Fast Red VR?  I cannot find any reference to
> Fast Red V in Conn's.  There is a Chroma number
> of 10603 on the bottle of Fast Red V, is this the
> CI#?, (CI# for Carmoisine is 14835).
> Thanks, Sarah Christo, Texas A&M, Vet. Anatomy.

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