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     I was told that Fisher has them although they are not in listed in the
     catalog. Cat# 030821 is what I was given. Now I am wondering what size
     that is.

     Andrea Kelly
     Albany Medical College

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Subject: Balsam jars
Author:  Cheryl Crowder <> at Internet-Mail
Date:    12/7/98 1:03 PM

Good Monday - We are looking for small balsam jars - the kind for Permount.
We can find the large ones (3" diam.) but they are too large. The large size
are available from Fisher and we have 6 of them, but they are just too big.
We are looking for the old fashioned kind, about 2" in diam, with the cap
and little glass rod.  If anyone knows of a source, please let me know.
Thank you in advance - Cheryl

Cheryl Crowder
LSU School of Vet Medicine
(225) 346-3399
FAX (225) 346-3226

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