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The Spam letter itself will not carry a virus, but if it contains an
enclosure or attachment then that file could contain a virus so it's a very
good idea to make sure your anti-virus software scans the file before you
open it or better yet just delete the message without opening the
attachment. Most of these things are started simply because the Spammer
wants to see what trouble can be caused. If a particular system is flooded
with Email as a result of the message then the Spammer may be able to crash
the system. In other words, the Spammer wants attention. BTW, it is rarely
helpful to reply to the Spammer as most of them use false addresses or
accounts that they close after sending the initial message. You can try
sending a message to the postmaster at the original ISP (Internet Service
Provider) location notifying the provider that spam was received from their
site. They might be able to track down the original sender. As an example if
the spam came from then send your message to However, the simplest and probably best thing
to do is just exercise your delete button finger and go on to other
interesting and useful messages from the list.

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> Just a friendly FYI, this letter has been sent around for quite some
> time.  I was told that people send these type of letters around as a way
> to spread viruses through your computer.  Besides, there is no Walt
> Disney Jr.  Don't know if the virus thing is true or not, but I think
> it's a little more believable than these chain letters.
> Kim

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