Re: [Histonet] negative controls with IHC

From:Dana Settembre

Your best bet is to contact CAP directly with your question(s).  They
have an e-mail address that I have used several times.  They answer
promptly and precisely.
The address is: 

Good Luck,
Dana Settembre
University Hospital - UMDNJ
Newark, NJ

>>> lwuerges  12/12/2005 7:25:00 PM >>>
I have a question regarding negative controls for a manual
immunoperoxidase procedure.  Do you use a neg control for each antibody
used with each block? or one neg control per block regardless of how
many antibodies for that block.  The latter is what I was told, but the
first seems more likely on account of  each antibody may be treated
differently with some needing antigen retrieval--obviously the contol
should receive identical treatment.  What is the usual neg control
Thank you.
Lisa Wuerges
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