[Histonet] sealing slides with diluted permount

From:Caroline Bass


I have some slides of GFP expressing tissue.  I am using the prolong  
gold mounting media from Molecular Probes to mount the coverslips but  
now I have to seal them.  I have read that the best way to do this is  
with diluted permount.  Unfortunately I have never sealed slides  
before and am having a hard time visualizing the process.

What is a good starting dilution for the permount?  I was thinking  
1:10 with xylenes to start, but this is just a guess.  How exactly do  
you apply the permount?  Can you just pipet it around the edges or do  
you need to brush it on in some manner?  Does it have to be flush  
with the coverslip or can you have some buildup?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Caroline Bass

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