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From:Kemlo Rogerson

I would think it's a bit of both. Basically the fluids and wax have not
penetrated the brain tissue and the holes are where the tissue has
decomposed. Probably!

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Sent: 17 December 2004 10:45
Subject: [Histonet] Paraffin sections artifact[Scanned]

Dear Histonetters,

Once more time I need your help. I have a disgusting problem with my
mouse's brain paraffin-embedded sections. Right after the sectioning they
seem ok but after several days stored at 37ºC they develope a dreadful
artifact. Plenty of holes appear randomly placed in the whole section. The
appearance is like a Gruyere Cheese.

Have you seen an artifact of this kind? The cause should probably either a
bad fixation or a bad embedding. Asuming the first I ask to myself: If the
water of the tissue has been removed in the embedding how can take place
any spoiling process in the tissue?

Thanks in advance for your help

Pablo Sanchez

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