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Dear Histonetters,

We are in process of standerdising staging of spermatogenesis in Rats.I 
have following questions

Which is the best fixative?Bouin's or modified Davidson's (MD)? Recently 
an STP recommendation says MD is the best suited. 
What is the  best fixation duration in Bouins fluid?Do we need to wash the 
same in 70% alcohol after fixation in Bouins? If so please let me know for 
how long?
Does anybody know the composition of MD?
I would like to know the procedure of  PAS -H & E staining for testes for 
acrosome demonstration.
Can somebody tell me a good reference for staging of the spermatogenesis 
in Rats? Also aI would like to know a good CD rom available for the same.

Dr. M.R. Balaji
Dept. Pre clinical safety evaluation,
Discovery research, 
Dr. Reddys Laboratories ltd. Bollaram Road, 
Miyapur, Hyderabad, 500 049
 Andhra Pradseh, INDIA
Email - balajimr@drreddys.com
Tel: 040- 23045439 - Ext.432.

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