Back on line

From:Joe Nocito

I am sorry that I have not responded to anyone.  I had real bad computer problems.  I hope this is fixed. I have lost many email addresses.  My backup disk was corrupt.  This has not been a good time for me, but at least I have found my limitations as far as a computer is concerned.  I don't know anything. (hey, a person has to know his limitations).
    I would be greatly appreciative if you could send me email addresses of people that we know in common.
    I had over 400 email messages and I copied all of you in one form or another into my address box.  As you can see, it is a lot less than the 100 or so that I used to have (hey, wait a minute, this might be a good thing)
    Have a safe and happy holiday season.
Joe (don't mess with the computer) Nocito

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