Re: Fixation buffer.

From:nina leek

Sorensen buffers are physiological strength aren't they, and so somewhat hypotonic to sea-water?  There are a number of recipes for artificial sea waters in older biochemistry books, and I would have thought any of them would work as a base for making up the fixative.  I may be able to dig some out if you need me to.  In this weather, it would be more comfortable than going down to the Clyde to dip a bucket in.
Good luck,

Adrian Leek.

Dr. Ian Montgomery wrote:

  Preparing fish larvae (sea) for EM, any suggestions for a suitable buffering system given that the levels of salt in sea fish are  ~3 times that of mammals. Do I simply make up the fixatives using sea water? Sorenson buffered fixatives have a high osmolarity that might be another buffer. Time, unfortunately, is short so I can't run a series of trials although I would prefer that.
 Back to mammals, lymphocytes and macrophage in mice, any suggestions. I was going to look for esterases as a marker for macrophage but I'm sure there is something better.

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