Re: Cryostat static

From:Rhonda Allen


We breathe on our slide, with an open mouth, before we pick up the section..
You can see a little moisture on the slide, and it helps prevent the section
from jumping.

Rhonda Allen HT(ASCP)HTL
VA Medical Center
Kansas City, Missouri
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Subject: RE: Cryostat static

> Amylin,
> I believe this is a common problem.  I experience it with my Microm
> so I don't think your brand of cryostat has much to do with it.  It is
> likely due to your lab conditions ie. (is it to dry?).  I have heard of
> people spraying STATIC GUARD (the product for clothes and such) all over
> help with the static but I wouldn't recommend spraying it into your
> cryostat.  If you solve this one, let me know because I could use the info
> myself.
> Good Luck,
> Glen Dawson  BS, HT & IHC (ASCP)
> Lead IHC Technologist
> Milwaukee, WI
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> Subject: Cryostat static
> Our pathology group has a LEICA CM1850 cryostat, My question to the
> is......Does anyone experience static electricity when trying to pick up
> sections?  When we try to pick up the sections they will fly up to the
> or off on their own.  We would like to know how to remedy this if there is
> any. Thanks for your help
> Amylin Johnson
> Associates in Pathology
> Wausau, WI

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