Re: virus warning

Aw, c'mon, Phil Oshel at the U of Tyrophagy -

The "California" and "Wobbler" virus spams are as old as the hills, as the 
Web goes. This variant claims origin at Microsoft (they used to come from 
IBM) - wonder when one of these warnings will claim to originate in the 

The first virus hoax Web site I checked informed me - at -

>>Wobbler virus
A typical variation on the original Good Times hoax virus alert (see related 
ink). It claims your computer will suffer a horrible death if you receive an 
email with the subject line "California" or with an attachment named 
Like most hoax alerts, it urges you to forward it to others because "not many 
people seem to know about this yet." It also claims IBM and AOL declared 
Wobbler more dangerous and more powerful than Melissa. Naturally, the hoax 
alert claims "there is no remedy" available if your computer gets infected.<<

PLEASE don't spam the list with virus warnings - well, unless the Ebola virus 
breaks out in your lab, anyway!

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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