Re: virus warning

From:Philip Oshel <>

Well, the sites I do have urls for did not list these titles, 
including under hoaxes. CERT and CIAC are the main computer security 
clearing houses. I got caught, I admit it. But spam? That's rather 

Thanks for the url, though.


>Aw, c'mon, Phil Oshel at the U of Tyrophagy -
>The "California" and "Wobbler" virus spams are as old as the hills, as the
>Web goes. This variant claims origin at Microsoft (they used to come from
>IBM) - wonder when one of these warnings will claim to originate in the
>The first virus hoax Web site I checked informed me - at -
>>>Wobbler virus
>A typical variation on the original Good Times hoax virus alert (see related
>ink). It claims your computer will suffer a horrible death if you receive an
>email with the subject line "California" or with an attachment named
>Like most hoax alerts, it urges you to forward it to others because "not many
>people seem to know about this yet." It also claims IBM and AOL declared
>Wobbler more dangerous and more powerful than Melissa. Naturally, the hoax
>alert claims "there is no remedy" available if your computer gets infected.<<
>PLEASE don't spam the list with virus warnings - well, unless the Ebola virus
>breaks out in your lab, anyway!
>Bob Richmond
>Samurai Pathologist
>Knoxville TN

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