Re: advice on sectioning

From:Amos & Theresa <>

Hi Vanessa,
    Firstly, I would recommend against using an additional adhesive when
using precoated slides. The additional advesive usually cancels out the
effects of the coating. Often you may experience tissue fall off when a
section is on the float bath too long, so try to minimize that where
possible. Make sure the slides are well drained before putting them on the
slide rack and let them sit vertically in a 60 deg. oven as long as you can
an hour usually is sufficient unless the tissue is a particular pain (bone
marrow, brain etc.). With frozen sections try to avoid touching the slide
surface with your finger when labeling the slide. The skin oils will prevent
the section from adhering properly.
    Another thing you can do is try different slides. If you contact a few
vendors they usually don't mind giving sample slides that you can try to see
if they work better than the ones you are using. It's a frustrating
situation, we've all been there.
good luck
Amos Brooks

Vanessa Heim wrote:

> I am actually pretty new to histology and would really appreciate some
> advice if possible.  I am having trouble keeping the tissues from
> falling off the slides during the staining matter what
> protocol I use...we use precoated slides from surgipath, and I have even
> added addtional adhesive to a water bath to see if that would help the
> did not.  The tissues being sectioned are very fresh as
> we use a cryostat to section...If anyone has any new ideas or
> suggestions I would really appreciate them
> Thank you
> Vanessa Heim
> Boston University Medical Center
> Dept of Urology Research
> Boston, Ma  02130

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