Re: Microtome Recommendation

We recently had two leica microtomes.  They were purchased about 3 years ago. 
 What they failed to mention, were that these microtomes do not do well with 
hard tissue such as uterus and other tissue that can be very firm.  I have an 
Olympus Cut-4060 that was purchases in the same time frame which I love.  We 
now have 4 of them and the Leica's are out the door.  I recommend that you 
shop around even if it means that you may have to pay a little more in 2001.  
We paid over $6000.00 for those Leica's, then sold them for $1500.00 and they 
were in excellent condition.  I have known of Histo-techs who prefer the 
Lieca over the Olympus.  But not in our lab.  Please give both of them a try. 
 Good luck.

Jeanie Wade, H. T. (ASCP)  

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